About us – welcome to our blog!

This is us – Felix and Fiana. Travel buddies, best friends, and lovers. Since 2015, we are using every chance we get to travel the world together.

We both love to wander around the streets of a new city, explore unknown places, and dive into other cultures. The unknown makes us appreciate how much there is to explore. It makes us wonder how life looks in other cities, different countries, and faraway continents.

[feirn – vay] – German

(n.) an ache for distant places, missing places you’ve never been, “craving for travel”

This word probably describes us best. Every time we are in one place for more than three months, without travelling somewhere, we have this urge to go somewhere new.

Our goal with this blog, our Instagram channel, and our YouTube videos is to inspire other people to have the courage to travel the world as well. And for the people who are not able to travel the world at the moment, we want to provide an opportunity to at least travel with us.

In the past years, we have travelled to +30 countries and 4 continents together:

Our book

We wrote a short stories book about our travels! In 12 stories, we take you with us around the world and explore the question «Why do we travel?». You can find the book on Amazon and Thalia or at your local bookstore. (It’s only available in German!)

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Click here to buy it on Thalia.

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