Exploring Stunning Taipei, Taiwan In Only Half A Day

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our trip continues…

After spending the last few days in Santiago eating and walking around the city, we flew back to Germany. It was really weird to say goodbye – on one hand, we were so happy to go back to Germany to see our families and arrive “at home” for a few days, on the other hand, we were sad because we had to say goodbye to my Chilean families. The time we spent in Germany wasn’t that relaxing as we had to pack for Australia and meet with family and friends. And then we had to say goodbye – again. I really hate to say goodbye!

Our trip to Australia was neither short nor chilled. Our first flight, to Taiwan, was 13 hours long. The good thing was that our seats were very comfortable and we had three seats instead of two. Also, the design of the airplane from China Airlines was really cool as it was all wooden. As you see it was a good flight – well, everything was good but the food. It looked pretty good but wasn’t tasty at all. After this tremendous flight, we arrived in Taipei and did a half a day tour where we visited, for example, the Sanxia Qingshui Zushi Temple.

Looking at these red things you’ll might think: “Wow that’s nice toys”, well it’s not toys. With these red logs of wood they talk to their gods. Having two of those in their hands, saying the question and dropping them to the ground they can ask any question they want and they suppose that the gods are answering.

If both logs are up to the same side the answer is “no”, if they are up to different sides the answer is “yes”.

Back at the airport we had to wait another 10 hours until our airplane would leave. As the first flight was that good we thought the second would be good as well but it wasn’t. The airplane was horrible! The seats were uncomfortable, we had little space and the screens were little and bad as well. At least 9 hours later we arrived in Brisbane where we should spend the next 19 hours.

We thought a really long time about whether we should or should not go to a hostel or a hotel but in the end, we decided to stay in the airport because there isn’t any “cheap” hostel/hotel nearby the airport and our flight to Cairns left at 7:00 am. The experience wasn’t that bad! As there are many sofas in the departure hall of the international airport we could just lay down on one of those and relax. The only bad thing was the air-conditioning as it was very cold. But we just bought some blankets to get warm.

And now? Now we are in Cairns looking for a van or 4WD to begin our trip.

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