Australia can be crazy and beautiful – Eumandi Markets, Sun, and Thunderstorms

Hi guys,

we travelled over 1000 kilometres in the last two weeks and finally arrived in Sydney. But let me start at the beginning:

After Agnes Water and Town of 1770, we drove on to Hervey Bay, a little coastal village near the famous Fraser Island. Even if the island is known for whale watching and off-road tours at the beach-highway, we skipped it because our “Baby” (our amazing van) can go through a lot, but isn’t a 4WD.

So, we went on to Eumundi. Never heard about it? We didn’t either hear about it before, but we saw a little notice about the Eumundi Market, happening each Wednesday and Saturday, in our road trip guide. But we arrived on Thursday – a day too late or two days early – that’s why we did a day trip to Noosa. Noosa is a little surfer town we fell for in the first moment with all the little shops, smoothie bars, and a beautiful beach.

The next day, the Eumundi Market was happening and it was impressive.
Hundreds of booths, food from all over the world, artists out of every section and a very cosy atmosphere under tall trees. We bought fresh fruits and vegetables for the day, the daily dose of caffeine and Fiana got a Henna tattoo.

Afterwards, we breezed the air of the big city. We were three days in Brisbane and enjoyed the spirit of the city. By walking around, discovering big bookshops with a good range of various books (compared to Germany the range still was tiny) and relaxing in parks we spend our time in Brisbane.

Brisbane is a really laidback city. Before travelling there we didn't know much about the city but it is quite cool.
Taking pictures in Brisbane is always a good idea when you are travelling there.

We stayed at the coast and enjoyed the sun and the hot weather all around the beaches of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast and all the others.

We also found a burger restaurant with a BBQ jackfruit burger, a big green exotic and prickly fruit which is known as a pulled pork substitute for a few months, in Germany, only existing as a Kickstarter campaign currently.

Nearly 3000 kilometres later, we wanted to see some parts of the backcountry finally. So, we decided to turn west after Brisbane and drive through the area called New England.

Passing impressing waterfalls and blooming landscapes and tree-lined roads we explored the highland with over 700 meters height, which was a beautiful contrast compared to the coastal landscape and the weather became colder with only five degrees at the night. Even the roads, camping spots and the existence of supermarkets changed suddenly by leaving the crowded coast. Little sleepy villages, mostly rundown and often not more than a bit of an industrial charm dominated the landscape.

Then we arrived at the coast again in Newcastle. But instead of beautiful beach weather that we missed so much after the cold nights in Brisbane’s Hinterland, we went through heavy thunderstorms, hailstorms and very heavy rain – spreading more an apocalyptic mood than beach mood.

That’s why we were happy to arrive at the home of my grand cousin and his family and can sleep in a house after weeks of travelling in our van (and can use a real kitchen with even an oven).

We’re leaving Sydney tomorrow after one week, but that’s for the next blogpost

See y’a soon,


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