How to get arround Sydney and where to find the best photo spots

Hi guys,

long time no see. As Felix told you, we’re not in Sydney anymore but anyway there are a few things to tell you.

As some family members of Felix live in Sydney, better say in North Manly, we had the possibility to stay at their place during our week in Sydney. So our way to Sydney CBD started with a bus to Manly and then we caught the ferry to Circular Quay.

And that was when our Sydney adventure started. Many tourists pay at least AUS$50 for a sightseeing tour around the harbour. Though the best thing is to just take the ferry and you’ll pay a maximum of AUS$21 per day.

The first thing we saw was a genius skyline with the Opera House and the Harbour bridge.

The first thing we did was walk to the Queen Victoria Building in CBD because Felix had a surprise for me. As a few people might know we were raised in Southern Germany and what do you get there? Right, Brezeln. Now guess what the surprise was? You’re right, Brezeln! It’s crazy but there is a German bakery in the Queen Victoria Building and they make really good Brezeln.

Well, we also took the tourist role and visited some fancy photography spots around Sydney.

Our first stop was Milsons Point. We just took the ferry that was “free” as we had the day ticket for AUS$21 that we bought in the morning when travelling from Manly to CBD. From Milsons Point, you have a really cool look at the Opera House and you’re standing right under the Harbour Bridge.

After that, we got to Barangaroo where we found a cut vegan café where they serve really good salads and smoothies.

After lunch, we got a test drive at Tesla – yeah really! That’s funny ’cause it’s difficult to get a test drive for drivers under the age of 21. The only countries in the world you can do it are Hongkong, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Arabian Emirates. On our first day in Sydney, we just went into the showroom to have a look at the cars and the vendor asked us if we were interested in having a look at the Tesla Model S from the inside. Obviously, we said yes.

In the end, I asked him if there was any possibility to do a test drive and so we arranged one a few days later. It was such a great experience as you don’t really feel like driving a car as it feels so smooth and quiet.

Our last stop for this day was the botanic garden and again the Opera House but this time from another side.

I think I haven’t told you the cute story about our polaroid camera so I should do it now.

On our way to Brisbane we passed through Maryborough and stopped to grab some coffee. While we walked around we spotted a really cute café and decided to drink our daily coffee there. When we came in we just started talking to the owner about our travel and our home. After a time she came around with her polaroid camera and asked us if we wanted to take a picture for her wall. There was no way not so say yes. After that I asked her where she got the camera as I really love such cameras and also thought about buying one. At the end of our coffee break she gave us a little brown bag. When we opened the bag, we saw that it was her little polaroid camera in there. She just made us this super cute gift although she didn’t even know us.

It’s crazy how such moments of happiness happen so far away from home.

Well, let’s get back to Sydney. The last spot we visited another day was Bradleys Heat. It’s a really great place to see the sunset over the skyline of Sydney, I guess. We just were there during the day but it was great as well.

You might have noticed that we really love good food (and coffee), that’s why I need to tell you about a restaurant named Macchiato. We went there with a friend of mine I met in Chile and they had such a good woodfire pizza. When you are in Sydney you definitely have to go there!

I guess Sydney could be our favourite city in Australia but we’ll see what else happens in the next months.

By the way, we didn’t just visit photography spots we also learned how to surf – it was so much fun, believe me!

At the moment we are in Canberra but we’re heading on tomorrow to the Snowy Mountains, but let’s talk about this the next time.

See ya’


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