New Years’ in Australia

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as Felix already told you, two days before New Year’s Eve we were in Adelaide. Because we didn’t want to spend New Year’s Eve with thousands of people we decided to continue our journey in the direction of Perth.
Since it’s peak season in Australia nearly every campground and holiday park was at least five dollars more expensive than one month ago. That’s why we were very lucky that we could stay at free camping spots for the next few days. We could even spend New Year’s Eve on a free camping spot at a cosy bay on the Eyre Peninsula. Playing Monopoly and eating vegan Quesadillas we spent the time until 12 o’clock. Due to the firework restrictions in Australia, we thought that we wouldn’t be able to see a firework on New Year’s Eve but we were very lucky because we saw the highest part of the Adelaide firework.

Starting the new year we drove down the Eyre Peninsula to Port Lincoln and then up to Ceduna, the last town before the Nullarbor Plain. During this time we camped at the most beautiful (free) camping spots in Australia. The best one was Greenly Beach. Although, it wasn’t that easy to get there. After 12 kilometres on a really bad gravel road, we were afraid it wasn’t worth it that we drove nearly 45 minutes under these road conditions but in the end, we were really happy that we did it. Better have a look by yourself:

Also, the other spots on the Eyre Peninsula were really beautiful:

In Port Lincoln, we had to buy groceries for the 12 days as we didn’t want to buy it all in the expensive supermarket in Ceduna neither we could buy much on our way through the Nullarbor. With plenty of cans, tomato sauce, pasta, oats and soy milk we started the next 1800 kilometres. During this time, we were very lucky that the weather wasn’t as hot as the days before when we nearly died in the shadow with 40 degrees.
Although, it is called Nullarbor Plain (latin “nullus arbor” – English “no trees”) we were surprised about the number of trees we faced. But still, it is as lonely as we’ve imagined. Sometimes we’ve listened to 3 or 4 songs without any car passing. That’s also why you greet when you meet someone.

In the end, we didn’t need twelve days from Port Lincoln to Esperance but eight. As it was so lonely we just drove more per day than we’d expected.
Once we got to Esperance we went to the most beautiful beaches in whole Australia. The water was turquoise blue and the beaches were white as in the Caribbean.

On our further way to Perth, we did the Tree Top Walk at the Valley of the Giants. It was crazy walking at a height of 40 meters over the ground. We actually felt like a part of the trees.

For the moment that’s it but during the next few days, there’ll be another post about our last 500 Kilometers and the first impressions of Fremantle.

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