Best cafés and restaurants in Santiago de Chile

Hi guys,
it has been a while since we left Chile but anyway we want to share our favourite cafés and restaurants with you. But be careful better don’t read this blog post when you’re hungry.


Bocanáriz was our favourite restaurant during our whole stay in Chile. They offer over 300 different Chilean wines nonetheless, the food isn’t typical Chilean at all. It’s probably one of the best restaurants in Santiago, maybe in the whole of Chile. But don’t forget to make a reservation otherwise you won’t get a table.
José Victorino Lastarria 276, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Emporio la Rosa

At Emporio la Rosa, you’ll find the best ice cream in Chile. They have the standard ice cream but also flavours you won’t find in your own country. Luckily, there are many cafés around Santiago de Chile and also in other cities.


It’s a Mexican restaurant, which we visited with my first host family, based in the Patio Bellavista. We can’t say much about the main plates, but the first plates were ok. I really liked the nachos with guacamole but the Quesadillas and the meat dip for the nachos weren’t good according to Felix
Pío Nono 73, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Thai (Street Food) Express

As you can guess by the name, it’s a Thai street food restaurant. When I’ve first been to Chile I ate some lunch at this place, as I loved the food I needed to come back with Felix and I wasn’t disappointed – the food was delicious. But be careful you need to bring a bunch of hunger as the portions are really big.
Merced 483, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Pitayabowls Chile

Do you wanna grab some healthy food? At Mall Plaza Sur you’ll find a food truck with some yummy acai bowls. We’ll that Mall isn’t in the centre of Santiago but if you have time you can catch the train from Estación Central to Nos and you’ll be straight in front of the Mall to enjoy that healthy and yummy food or smoothie.
Pío Pitaya Bowls, Mall Plaza, Pdte Jorge Alessandri Rodríguez 20040, San Bernardo, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Sweet Fran

A little, not that comfortable shop, with yummy vegan food. They offer two different cold lunch options every day. You should come at a time to get some food otherwise it could be sold out – seems like people like it 😉
Av. Manuel Montt 119, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Trattoria Rita

That’s another restaurant I’ve visited when I first was in Chile two years ago. Although the prices aren’t that low the Italian food is worth every peso and for a short moment, you can escape and feel like being in Italy, sitting outside and enjoying the (hopefully) warm weather.
Boulevard Parque Arauco, Local 369, Las Condes, Av Presidente Kennedy 5413, Santiago, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Colmado Coffee (permanently closed)

A laid back café with a nice lunch menu. The only thing I didn’t like about the food is that it was too fatty. Anyway, they have two lunch menus one is vegan and the other one is an omnivore. So probably you’ll find something you like. And hey! Don’t be disappointed if you can’t find it at first, it is situated in the courtyard of another building.
Merced 346, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

La Junta

Burgers, Pizza, everything you need to be happy. I’d highly recommend eating one of the delicious burgers, there is even a vegan option, and the super yummy potato fries. We were so happy to get such delicious fries as it is really difficult to find some in Chile. But really, better eat one of the burgers instead of eating pizza! If you want to eat pizza go next door to the restaurant Peztoro, they have really good pizza!
José Victorino Lastarria 70, Local 6, Chile


Finally, we found good Pizza! It isn’t that easy to find good pizza and fries in Chile, but we made it. At Peztoro you’ll get delicious pizza and you won’t even pay too much. So, if you’re done with Domino’s Pizza just visit this restaurant.
José Victorino Lastarria 70, Local 6, Chile


Vegan empanadas!! I have been desperately waiting to get some vegan empanadas…
I thought I wouldn’t find any vegan empanadas in Chile and then there was this little store and I couldn’t be happier. So, if you want to feel like in paradise you need to search for this shop. Plus, they also have vegan doughnuts!
It is situated at Barrio Lastarria next to a shop called “Plantamaestra”.
Merced 295B, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Wonderland Café

Last but not least the best café in whole Chile. It was our hostel during our stay in the centre of Santiago. Coming into the café you feel like diving into another world. The food isn’t typical Chilean due to the British owner. That’s also the reason why you get a super delicious English breakfast, maybe the best in Chile. So, if you feel like escaping the Chilean “mundo” for a few hours you should visit this super cute café.
Rosal 361, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

It is so cool how the number of vegan options has increased since the last time I’ve been to Chile. Although the Chilean society is really meat-minded and many people won’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to eat meat or any other animal product. Anyway, all the restaurants and cafés listed above are vegan or have at least some vegan options. If you can’t find any vegan options you can just ask the waiter if they have any vegan food, maybe you’ll need to explain what you mean but they are really friendly and most of the people will help you to find something vegan. As you may have noticed most of the restaurants listed above are in the Barrio Lastarria as we love this part of Santiago and you’ll find much delicious food for fair prices.


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