Sunsets in South England and a beautiful way to start travelling the UK.
Having fish and chips at the beach in England should be on your travel bucket list.
Lyme Regis is the cutest costal town in South England. You should add this to your travel bucket list.

Are you looking for inspiration for your next trip to England? We wrote some blog posts for you and uploaded a YouTube video about a time we went to England.

  • YouTube Video – England

    Felix made a video of our trip to Exmouth. Check it out on YouTube: Aftermovie Exmouth 2017 || Felix and Fiana If you want to watch the video on your smartphone, open it in your browser and click “desktop version”. 

  • Our first time visiting England

    Our first time visiting England

    Hi guys, we’re finally back in Germany. We made some amazing experiences, even if it’s very hard to handle over 50 teenies. We were hosted by a very friendly family in South England, only 3 minutes away from the beach. Sun, rain, sun, rain, wind, clouds, cold and warm – this changed every hour, typical…

  • Moving experience on our bus trip to England

    Moving experience on our bus trip to England

    Only two more busses in front of us, after 5 hours of waiting in the Calais Harbour we’re going to be checked to enter the ferry. Just a few seconds before, Felix asked me: …