Moving experience on our bus trip to England

Only two more busses in front of us, after 5 hours of waiting in the Calais Harbour we’re going to be checked to enter the ferry. In the second lane, a bus full of pensioners is checked by the border control officers – the motor, the luggage space, an officer is laying under the bus.

But why? Just a few seconds before, Felix asked me: “Why should they check the busses so strictly? All the camps for refugees are closed in Calais?!”

The officer comes back up, seconds later we see another man too. He’s wearing a red-black shirt, white shoes, coloured skin, black hair.

But he doesn’t wear a uniform, he can’t be an officer?! Then, the other officers are building a circle around him – a refugee, who tried to enter the UK.
This was the start of our trip to England – finally, we arrived shortly after midnight. That’s also a reason why we’re still a bit tired, besides taking care of the 52 students.

But the young refugee comes up to my mind again and again. How desperate do you have to be to risk your life for reaching the UK even if you’re already in Europe?

Welcome to Europe – welcome to our world!

See you soon!


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