Our first time visiting England

Hi guys,

we’re finally back in Germany. We made some amazing experiences, even if it’s very hard to handle over 50 teenies.

We were hosted by a very friendly family in South England, only 3 minutes away from the beach. Sun, rain, sun, rain, wind, clouds, cold and warm – this changed every hour, typical English weather. Also, the Breakfast Tea in a little Café every morning was very important (maybe you could call it even our café after this week). We were lucky because of all the free time we had to hang out while the children were in the language school every morning. So, we had a lot of time to relax and just hang out in the city together with a good friend of ours.

The afternoons we spend visiting other cities and places all around Devon and Cornwall together with the students. The famous garden of roses of Powderham Castle together with Earl of Devon’s region or the very lovely harbour town Lyme Regis – we travelled a lot with our coach. Though, it was an unusual way of travelling for us as we’re used to a backpack and a tent or a van.

Powderham Castle was amazing. When we arrived, it was raining, that’s because the old and dark walls seemed to be a lot mightier than with sunshine, while the library was very cosy with all the hidden doors behind the bookshelves.

Lyme Regis was surprising – a little city located on the precipitous coastline, with an Italian flair because of all the little cafés, shops and an extremely small harbour. I also ate my obligatory dose of Fish&Chips, made from locally sourced fish. But I was lucky to eat my fish by myself, not like the guy next to me who had to share it first with one seagull and seconds later with over 15 aggressive seagulls.

Finally, we made a stop in London for one night on the way back. We made a city tour all around the famous touristic places like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge or St. Paul´s Cathedral. The coach driver’s skills were fascinating – to drive a coach through London without causing several accidents.
For the second day, we visited two museums (like the obligatory item on the agenda for an educational journey) before returning to the coach and finally returning to Germany (this time luckily without hours of waiting in the harbour of Dover and Calais).

See you!


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