Spending a day in astonishing Timisoara

Timisoara might be one of the most underrated European cities. Located in the western part of Romania, Timisoara offers picturesque architecture, delicious food, and tasty coffee.

We visited Timisoara on a 10-days train trip from Germany through Southeastern Europe. You can find our full itinerary here:

In the middle a yellow tram in front of a red-pinkish old building.
Two tulips in orange and purple in front of a park bench.
A old, orange building wrapped in large building linen.

Where we stayed in Timisoara:

Coffee fuel in Timisoara

When travelling to Timisoara, we didn’t expect a flourishing coffee scene. But the university city offers some really good specialty coffee. Here are our two favourites:

1. Street Coffee Roasters
A coffee cup in a whole in the brick wall.

Strada Alba Iulia
Timișoara 300077


Opening times:
Monday to Friday: 8 am to 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 7 pm

2. Ovride Specialty Coffee

Strada Lucian Blaga 6
Timișoara 300002


Opening times:
Monday: Close
Tuesday to Sunday: 8 am to 5 pm

A turmeric latte in a blue cup.
Food in Timisoara

The restaurant and wine bar VINTO offers a very affordable fine dining experience! Plus the interior design is amazing. It makes you feel like sitting in a modern wine cellar.

On the front a typical Romanian dish with bread, cheese, and veggies. In the middle wine glasses, in the back a plate with hummus.
In the front, hummus on a plate. In the back grilled veggies.
Eat Placinta Ardeleneasca at the local market

At Liberty Square we found small, local market stands that sell traditional food. We are not sure if these market stands are around every day. But if they are make sure to get a placinta ardeleneasca – it is basically a filled flatbread. Super tasty!

A small food stall in the front, a building in the bacl.
A traditional Romanian dish

Places to visit in Timisoara
Piata Unirii

Union Square is located in the city centre of Timisoara. It is surrounded by picturesque old buildings and a beautiful place for people-watching.

A square with grass and walkways, in the back old, colourful buildings.
Two girls with large backpacks on a square that is lined with old, colourful buildings.
Roses Park

A short walk from the city centre, you’ll be able to find Roses Park. Especially during the blooming season, it must be impressive to watch. But even on a rainy day in March, it is worth a visit.

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

Unlike many other European churches and cathedrals, the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral of Timisoara is very young. Its construction was completed in the year 1940.

In the front a lantern with two Romanian flags. In the back a orthodox church.
A orthodox church in the center of the picture

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