Hiking in the Austrian alps

Good morning,

last week we did a little hiking trip in the Austrian Alps. It was my first hiking trip ever and it was so beautiful!

On Tuesday, we started our trip to the Lodge “Pforzheimer Hütte”, although it was so hot – 30°C without clouds, but the higher we got, the colder it got. Just 30 minutes after arriving at the lodge it started to rain, so we were very lucky not to start our trip a few minutes later.

In the evening, we went to bed very early because I was afraid that someone could snore as the other persons in the shared dorm were elderly men. Well, they snored but at least I bought some earplugs so I didn’t hear so much.

The next morning we wanted to hike to the “Samerschlag”. After two hours of tamping up the hill, we got to the ridge 70 meters below the top of the mountain.

As the way to the top was a bit dangerous and difficult to hike, we decided to go back the same way we got up. Believe me, I was so happy that Felix didn’t want me to go to the top of the mountain.

Instead, we chilled at the lodge, eating some Kaiserschmarrn (have a look on Instagram) and lying in some colourful hammocks.

The next morning, we went down to the valley. On our way down I fell in love, but have a look:

These three sweeties accompanied us for nearly 20 minutes.

After three hours we arrived down the valley – exhausted but damn happy!

For real, this little adventure charmed me – I loved the beautiful landscape, the sweet animals, the clean air, the little flowers and the feeling of being away from all the stress.



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