Summer 2017 in Italy

Hi guys!

We are sitting on the terrace, looking above vineyards and olive trees while a snuff of pure air blows through our hair. It is so hot outside but in shorts and a bikini, it is nearly perfect.
I am finally in Italy, again after five years. Even while arriving in the little village where we stay I smelled the familiar smell of Italy.

We are not staying at the same place as before but it is only 300 meters away. Unfortunately, we don’t have a pool. Well, at least it is summer here in the south. As the last few days in Germany felt more like autumn. But for us, it was perfect as we’ll have summer the next year long.

Because of the long journey yesterday we decided not to do anything but to eat some ice cream in the evening. Until Sunday, we’ll go to Siena and Florenz – let’s see what else we’ll do.



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