Hottest summer in Italy

Hi guys,

after our hard trip back to Germany with all the traffic jams on the roads, we´re back in Germany with comparatively nippy weather.

We really enjoyed the week we stayed in Tuscany even if it was extremely hot. During the journey to Badia, we passed woods that looked like in October, fields full of sunflowers that were wilted and black instead of yellow, and vineyards that were brown instead of verdurous.

But that’s not surprising after months nearly without rain and over 35°C. We also had to worry about the sun, because we didn’t like to look like the sad sunflowers after the week in Tuscany – we didn’t have a pool in our accommodation.

First of all, we spent a day in San Gimignano – little shops, sweet alleys and a wonderful view down from the highest tower the “Manhattan of Tuscany”. Even if the village is crowded with a lot of tourists nowadays, the charm of Tuscany is still there.

Compared with Siena, the village was even calm. In Siena, we had a look at a lot of shops in the old city and stayed nearly half of the time in a little shop with wonderful notebooks, calendars, and other really beautiful stuff.

The rest of the week we spend relaxing. Fiana and I rode through vineyards and olive orchards and visited some little cities and villages – eating some tasty ice cream in Castellina and walking through San Donato with really good pizza for dinner.

For celebrating the end of our trip, we went out for dinner in an amazing Italian Restaurant, because according to a german old saying “love goes through the stomach” and there isn’t a better way to learn about a culture than by eating typical food. With local red wine and a fantastic menu, we enjoyed our last evening. Back in Germany, we’re about to manage the last things and say goodbye to all our friends before our trip all around the world starts.

See you soon,


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