Surprise visit in Chile

Hi guys,

we’re finally in Chile – after 2 years and 2 months I am back!

But it wasn’t that easy before we started our travel. At first, we had to make sure not to post anything on our blog or on Instagram because we surprised one of my best friends as the day we arrived was her birthday.

But that wasn’t all we had to worry about.

24 hours before our flight started we wanted to check in online but the Delta website told us we didn’t have ESTA. ESTA? What’s ESTA? If you fly into the US, although it’s just a transit, you have to apply for ESTA. It’s the authorisation the US border control gives you to fly to the US. Normally, you have to apply 72 hours before your flight but we were lucky and got the authorisation just a few minutes after our application. As I am very clumsy, I did the application wrong, I entered the wrong date of the issue of my passport. But it was NO problem to apply again, I just had to pay the fee of $14 again.

The next morning we got up at 4 a.m. to go to Frankfurt airport. 20 minutes before arriving at the airport there was a traffic jam because of an accident and the highway got closed. So we had to go to the next train station to catch the train to Frankfurt airport. Blessedly Felix drove very fast so we could catch the train and arrived on time at the airport to fly to Atlanta. In Atlanta we had to wait for 7 hours until flying to Santiago – well the flight was cheap. 

Then, after 33 hours we arrived in Santiago! And although everybody told us not to fly through the US it was very easy and we hadn’t any problems. And we neither had to check in our bags again in the US.

As on Friday and Saturday night, we went to the birthday parties of my friend Vicky and still have jetlag we’re very tired now. Anyway, yesterday we went to Santiago to the district Barrio Bellavista with my first host family, with whom we’re staying at the moment, to show it to Felix.

It’s so nice to be back here and to see everybody again!



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